Creating Strategies that Help Companies Communicate with Investors

At Orange Curtain Media, we know that part of an essential part of management’s job is to be the top advocate for the company, it’s products, and the potential opportunity owning its stock presents to investors. Along with this comes the responsibility to update shareholders with how things are going, once they come aboard.

Gone are the days of sending out a simple press release. In order to remain relevant in today’s fast paced information frenzy, micro-cap company management must be using social media just to remain on par with its competitors.

The Problem

Micro-cap companies struggle with implementing website and social media technology because:

…they are not web programmers
…they can’t afford to hire programmers in-house
…they can’t afford to hire competent outstide professionals
…they can’t rely on fly-by-night freelancers
…they don’t know what to do or who to call

The Solution: The Orange Curtain Media Communications Suite

The Orange Curtain Media Communications Suite is a fully integrated system exploiting all aspects of internet based digital communication.

We groom corporate websites and Social Media accounts to allow moderated real-time flow of company news and commentary, industry related news, and 3rd party communication including: investor boards, investor newsletters, and all major search engines.

The automated and semi-automated systems we put in place drive potential customers and investors to appropriate destinations to inquire about company products and services or to actively buy company stock.

We analyze visitor behavior and data along the entire chain, build the database, measure results, and adjust messaging accordingly.

About Orange Curtain Media

Helping public companies overcome the challenges faced everyday in the areas of:

COMMUNICATION: OCM builds and implements professional grade websites and on-line communication strategies for public companies that seek to attract and engage serious investors.

COMPLIANCE: OCM assists companies in remaining compliant with regulatory requirements imposed upon them by the SEC, both at the State and Federal level, FINRA, DTCC, and exchange rules and regulations.

CAPITAL: OCM also helps public companies raise funds. Taken with our other services that solve compliance issues and provide effective market communication, OCM prepares public companies to raise money for the short and long term.

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