Helping companies get compliant with regulatory requirements imposed by the SEC

One of the greatest challenges for micro-cap companies today is to remain compliant with regulatory requirements imposed upon them by the SEC, both at the State and Federal level, FINRA, DTCC, and exchange rules and regs (NASDAQ, NYSE, OTC Markets, and so on).

Furthermore, in order to drive a sustainable business, micro-cap companies must meet the disclosure demands required of them by public shareholders, investors, market makers, and other stakeholders by providing accurate and timely information that may be material to their investment decisions.

While this regulatory environment is setup to protect the unsuspecting public from the potentially unscrupulous actions of the few, all must comply or face aggressive enforcement action. Failure to comply can potentially result in loss of shareholder confidence, trading freezes, stiff fines, legal action both civilly and criminally, and even imprisonment.

In our experience, we have found that, even though nearly all micro-cap company officers and directors agree with the intent of this regulatory landscape, most struggle greatly to remain in compliance.

The Problem

Micro-cap companies struggle to remain in regulatory compliance because they:

…cannot afford to hire legal and accounting professionals
…cannot afford to pay all the required subscription and filing fees
…don’t have enough time
…don’t have enough staff to help
…don’t have the necessary accounting and legal skill-set produce the required disclosures on their own

As a result, micro-cap companies end up issuing stock to pay for compliance rather than for business development, and end up in a never-ending quagmire of stagnation.

The Solution

At Orange Curtain Media, we help micro-cap companies with their reporting and disclosure obligations so they can focus on developing their businesses.

Would you like to stop worrying about compliance and get back to focusing on your business?

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COMMUNICATION: OCM builds and implements professional grade websites and on-line communication strategies for public companies that seek to attract and engage serious investors.

COMPLIANCE: OCM assists companies in remaining compliant with regulatory requirements imposed upon them by the SEC, both at the State and Federal level, FINRA, DTCC, and exchange rules and regulations.

CAPITAL: OCM also helps public companies raise funds. Taken with our other services that solve compliance issues and provide effective market communication, OCM prepares public companies to raise money for the short and long term.

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