Solving Compliance and Communication Issues to Raise Money

Let’s face it: the biggest reason a micro-cap company is public in the first place is to increase its ability to raise money.

In our experience, we have found that, even though nearly all micro-cap companies are able to raise some funds, they struggle to be able to raise funds on an ongoing and consistent basis.

The Problem

Micro-cap companies struggle to remain in regulatory compliance because they:

. . .  fail to stay current in the disclosure and reporting requirements
. . .  don’t have enough trading volume for their stock
. . .  they have prior “shell” status issues
. . .  don’t have sufficient money to register their offerings
. . .  they don’t have available exemptions from registration
. . .  they don’t have an appropriate capital structure
. . .  don’t know where to turn for help

As a result, micro-cap companies end up issuing stock to raise money a handful of times, but never get sufficient capital behind them to turn the corner on their business development plans.

The Solution

At Orange Curtain Media, we help micro-cap companies overcome the above issues so they can raise funds. Taken with our other services that solve compliance issues and provide effective market communication that supports volume, Orange Curtain Media prepares micro-cap companies to raise money.

Would you like to stop worrying about compliance and get back to focusing on your business?

About Orange Curtain Media

Helping public companies overcome the challenges faced everyday in the areas of:

COMMUNICATION: OCM builds and implements professional grade websites and on-line communication strategies for public companies that seek to attract and engage serious investors.

COMPLIANCE: OCM assists companies in remaining compliant with regulatory requirements imposed upon them by the SEC, both at the State and Federal level, FINRA, DTCC, and exchange rules and regulations.

CAPITAL: OCM also helps public companies raise funds. Taken with our other services that solve compliance issues and provide effective market communication, OCM prepares public companies to raise money for the short and long term.

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